Sergey Bomshtein portfolio. Art, design, photography.

My first acquaintance with the city of Leicester.

There is wonderful place in the country not far from Leicester...

Sleepy atmosphere in the coach. Walking along the canal in the evening.

I think that I've found true spirit of London in quiet places far away from the crowd.

The dept of reflected space always amazed me. The mixture of reflected and real space behind the glass looks truly magically.

The play of light and shade makes me feel involved in the game.

Let's try to look at NYC from all possible points. We'll see this great city in all dimensions.

South-east asian food market looks exotic for european people.

This scene looks like an old oil painting which had come to life.

Remains of West Pier remind me skeleton of big wale. 

Hot spring water resort was founded by romans.

Endless road is waiving as а ribbon among boundless green hills and mountains.

Being there is a delightful. I have found so many things which inspired me.

Local people try to survive from heat in Miroir d'eau.

Movement inside the space which was organised according to geometrical laws.

It takes about half an hour to go to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv by train .

Theatre festival at Mall street and rainy evening at Calton Hill.

Marriage of brave scottish naval oficer.

I've met there so many nice and absolutely opened people.

I have followed the movie hero who went there. I had seen Antonioni's Beyond the Clouds.

Going by narrow old streets from the port to via Garibaldi.

Cozy cafes, nice narrow streets, wide space of Jardin de Tuileries and private atmosphere of Palais-Royal. 

There are hot weather, soft colors, plane shades, low contrast, there aren't deep shadows. This is Jakarta.

I came there in the late November. I hadn't realised how warm and sunny it could be. All my thoughts switched off completely. Cold Moscow autumn left behind. 

Taking photo portraits is something very special. I can shoot my close friends or interesting people whom I meet sometimes. The main thing is communication. I have to know the person. It helps me to find right point of view, right lite and place for shooting. sitemap